Sep 092015

Early this summer, J.P. McNamara enlisted me to do something I’d never done before:  make an e-book.  Really, he asked me to make accompanying art for a multimedia conglomeration centered around a collection of his poetry.  My contribution ended up being part photographer, part graphic designer, and  part illustrator.  Also, I was tasked with putting it all together in an .epub format.

ep proof2

Long story short, I learned a lot and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.  You can download the ebook and listen to the accompanying ep at the project website:


Apr 062014

A little this and that.  Most of these things were once here only to be lost in The Great Blog-Splosion of 2013.  Now they are back, condensed, aged, and reviewed.

Above, in no particular order: album art for Claire and the Crowded Stage, some self portraits, and a few journalistic portraits I did for for Demencha Magazine.


Oct 022012

Sometimes I forget to take a look at what I’ve been making.  Today I looked and realized I’ve been making over-saturated, gritty, sweaty, blurry, photos of my friends and myself.  They’re simple and I rather like them.

The look comes primarily from my new lens set-up; a 1:1.8 50mm OM-10 lens mounted on a DSLR body.  Perfect for dreamy naturally lit shots and mucky on-camera flash photos.

See more on flickr.  Also, eat your heart out.


Apr 022012

Due to some excellent fortune, I’ve been asked to be a live art model not once, but TWICE in the last month.  I sat for a group of intensely talented artists some of whom where 85+ years old.  I can only hope to be as artistically inclined and vigorously ass-kickingly awesome of a person when I grow old.  Many of the artists were generous enough to give me a portrait or two, here are some of them:

The last sketch is a collaborative effort between Holly Hughes and Charles Stenger.  Ugg, so good!  I’ll save the tale of “Life Model: Episode 2” for another day, mostly because I still haven’t photographed the sketch I was given from that sitting.

Eat your hearts out,


Mar 092012

Writer/internet god/incubus, Warren Ellis employs the use of Station Idents and he recently put out a call for submissions; make one he likes and he’ll use it.  Easy enough, right?  So, I threw this little nugget at him:

I’m still trying to find a method of computer-based art making that I really love/am perfectly pleased with.  That said, I learned quite a bit from this project and even is Mr. Ellis (or you for that matter, dear reader) hate what I’ve made, I had a gay ‘ol time making it.

I served as my own model, because I have access to myself 99% of the time.  The other 1% is anybody’s  guess…  Eat your heart out.

Feb 242012

The new year is just old enough to have lost some of its luster.  Winter doldrums are setting in (even though we’re experiencing the mildest winter in recent memory) but I’ve got just the thing to keep the bad at bay:  A photo bomb!

I’ve  been through two jewel toned hair situations this year.  The blue was felicitous, but I think the aubergine is more my speed.

This push button light switch might have easily made my week if I hadn’t also ate wild boar that SAME WEEK.  SUCH LUXURY.

A snippet of our Mardi Gras party this year.  Less boisterous than last year, but no less fat or drunk.  I took precious few photos, so I’m waiting to see what else surfaces from that magical evening.

This here timepiece was a (very generous and thoughtful) Christmas gift from my best friend, Linmis.  One probably needs to see it in motion to fully appreciate it, but you can visit the very old,  poorly designed, noisy (in more ways than one)  website of the designer here.

Eat your hearts out,